To start the project, I start with research. Research is essential to solving a complicated problem (Visocky,2017) I aim to research to develop insight into problem and audience. I divided my research to four-part. First, research client, to understand brand identity. Moreover, to understand how the brand communicate to their audience. I research in their previous advertising, website and artwork. Secondly, research the market, as the standard of the competition. I review all winner’s work from the previous year. It showed what the judge is looking for and how the idea won in each category. Most of the winner has a very simple message. But they make it highly remarkable and easy to remember. A simple message can also express more meaning. I found that every project has a good insight into the brand and the specific target audience. Thirdly, research the cause topic. In my opinion, the problem that I mostly concern is a climate change which is related to sustainable development goal No. 13. Because climate change has effected all the life on the earth. It is an urgent problem to take action. So, I strict with this main topic area. I scoped down to the area where I interested because I will increase my motivation. I chose the music festival as an area for research about the problem. After research, I found a lot of data to confirm the problem of the waste leftover and overconsumption in the music festival. Moreover, the music festival had new established every summer. Therefore, the population of festival-goers are increased rapidly. It is a big group of audience to shout out widely. So, my target audience is music festival-goers. The average age group are around 25-34 years old. It is the same age group as mind. It make me easier to understand their behaviour and needs. I also use observation method to gain insight into the target audience. I use online communities in social media as a good resource for get insight this target audience. Lastly, research the main material for using in this project. The main material is the song and fonts. For the font selection, I took time to review all font in google fonts source. All fonts are free to download. They have just a bit different and it doesn’t represent significantly different in meaning. I planned to use various fonts to represent each word. For the song selection, I start looking for the song by making a simple survey. I ask a group of DJ and producer about the song that most represent the climate change in their own opinion. But I made the question more imagination and friendly. I asked “If you are opening the music in the climate change gathering, which song you will play first. I got a lot of recommendation and feedback. I continuously listened to those songs and research the meaning. From the brief, I planned to use lyric of the song to be the message of the campaign. Firstly, I think about using the famous song which everyone can recognize it. If the song is a good song. It would make the audience remember.