From design to production, It is the project that involves in music. So I suddenly decided to create a two minutes video instead of picture presentation for the deliverable. The deliverable consisted of vinyl cover, poster, digital element and touchpoint. I planned to create a vinyl cover and poster first. It will be the reference for the overall design. They are all just materials which need to gather in the deliverable. It needs to explain the story from problem to solution clearly. So, it takes a long time to complete the deliverable. I planned to spend 4 days a week to production.
After I analysed myself by personal analysis. I have a weakness in some skill such as video editing. I use a personal development plan to create a plan to develop my skill. The goal can divide into 3 parts such as short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. I set the short-term goal to develop this skill in the next two months. I plan to use it as much as I can for the first 2 weeks. I learn from video tutorial and try using it with a design thinking project. The resource that I need to complete the goal is time to practice. I believe that all the skill need to practice more frequently. The goal have to accomplish before start production.
For the touchpoint, I try to think beyond the obvious which it can make the most impact. I got the idea of 3d hologram video. It inspired me when I first saw it. I think it could be a great idea to have a hologram video that can use 3d glasses to watch in the music festival. So, my touchpoint is in the concert hall. The digital element is a 3d hologram video. This video uses the song eyes wide open as a theme song combine with typography lyric and image. The video transit scene as open eyes and close eyes. While the number of images gradually increased in each scene. It represented the different point of views about the music festival. I used 3d anaglyph to highlight the important message. I put the key message at the end of the video to make sure the audience gets it. This video took around 46 seconds. So I need to create a video to tell the overall story in under 1.10 minutes. I planned the content of the video to start with defining the audiences and get engagement. Then bring the audience to the fact. I descript only vital information and make it tighten. Before I start the present solution, I use a different scene style to represent the way of changing. The solution will explain from the poster which publish in a music festival to the 3d hologram video display in the concert. The video start and end with the vinyl cover design. The total video is 1.46 minutes long. The thing that I have learned from the video is to tell the story by using typography and visual. Timing is also very important for editing video.