From research to design, I use target audience research as the main direction to create a concept. The idea came from the audience’s behaviour as user-centred design. I found that the most reason for attending the music festival is experience. The audience is looking for an experience more than just their favourite artist. The average age of the target audience also defined the scope of song selection. So, It wouldn’t seem strange if it is an old song. First, I chose one of famous song name “don’t let me down” by the chainsmoker. This song ran into my thought immediately when I think about a song that have touching hook. The melody also easy to remember. I tried to develop an idea from this song. After I studied in the lyric. I found that the lyric has a good meaning but not refer to my message. The lyric cannot represent my purpose. So, I decided to change the pivot to another song after two weeks of developing. I have learnt that the lyric is the main expression of the message. Therefore, the lyric should talk about something left behind or over-consumption that is fit to my cause. Also, the song shouldn’t be aged. It would be the brand in my generation. Because if the audience could recognize that song, it might increase impact. It is very hard to find a song that has direct meaning. I lost a lot of time in this part. It is more than I expected. But I think It is the beginning of the idea. If I have a good starting point, the next step will be easier. After more than a week finding a new song, I found one song from the brand name Gotye. This song name is Eyes wide open. I finalise with this selection and start developing this idea. Although, the lyric not directly fit to my cause. But, the overall lyric has a strong message which relates to my cause. The song talked about something we know that it doesn’t a good behaviour but we keep doing it. The lyric is compared as we are walking through the danger area where we know it is dangerous. Moreover, this song has a short name which has the same meaning. I developed this idea under the way to create an experience for the target audience. When I think about the experience in a music festival, It remains me to positive experience such as having fun and do something the first time. To make it more fun I think about the game. There are many kinds of games that have typography involved such as scrabble and the classic game word search. The word search game is quite interesting. The key of the game is to find the words that were hidden in the group of words. The audience can engage with typography and find the message by themselves. I got another the idea from 3d anaglyph picture. It is the 3d picture which need 2 colour glasses to watch. I combine 3d anaglyph tactic with typography aim to play with eye and vision. The audience will see the message by looking through the eyeglasses. The eyes glasses become the key element to use to looking for the lyric message in this project.