In Experience in creative industries, I got a chance to participate in DandAD new blood award. This is a yearly competition for a student but work on the real client’s brief. The most client are big companies such as Lego, Google, Nike and Intel. Each brief has a different requirement and deliverable. We had to choose one brief to work on it. So, choosing brief is significant process. Firstly, I evaluate from my personal experience. I cut off the choice of briefs that I’ve never have experience on their brand. Because I don’t have a consumer perception on that brand. There are Audible, Barclays, HSBC, Penguin, Rare&Xbox, Teen Vogue, VBAT and YULA. Secondly, I selected the last four briefs that I was interested in. It was Nike, Lego, Connect4Climate and Google. Thirdly, I use target audience in each brief as a key to finalise this selection. I evaluate with my ability to research on the target audience which is the main receiver of advertising. Almost of the target audience are young people age around 15-25 years old. But Google & HMCT’s brief has no specific target audience. So, it is a good option to create own target audience. Also, It is the only brief that involved in the music field. I hope that the experience from working in this project can be a part to support my future career in the music industry. Google and HMCT’s brief is to create a typography campaign by using typography and music to represent a cause that need to take action. The clients are an organisation involved in typography service. Google fonts is the website that provide 952 free licensed fonts for download. It is one of the requirements to use some of their fonts. The unique qualities of the chosen music is also important. The judge is looking for something that make impact and jumping off to the point. And it needs to be more innovation. I think this brief has an advantage as an open brief. You can choose the topic to express. So, to choose the relevant topic is the beginning. I plan to choose a topic that I am interested in and have an experience with it. The project has 2 months before the deadline. I plan to spend half of the first month for the research. Then I will spend one month for the design and development part. In this part, I will start with preliminary design to create a schematic design to get a feedback as Ideation and Prototype process in Lean startup. The last half months is for production. It is the hardest part for me in this project. Because The deliverable is 2 minutes video. So, I definitely need to have video editing skill. The campaign is about typography and graphic design. They are all my weakness skill. Because my background is architectural design. So, I need to learn more in graphic design. It is a good chance to take time to learning and developing.