There was a good opportunity that I have attended during the semester term called Side Hustle. It was as part of the D&AD awards that hosted this project on encouraging people who have an idea in start-up or scale-up. It was a reputable chance for anybody who could get involved because this company has a well-known company background about inspiring the creative community and supporting advertising design widely. Therefore, its global recognition would bring a great opportunity for new amateurs and project owners.
At the event, it was inspiring to see such intense competitive pitches from people who are in the early stage of their project. The start-up to needs to demonstrate enough amount of research about the product, customer division, and its potential to drive toward the key values that make them to enter the market and feasible enough to attract the judges. For the scale-up candidates, it is very important to show evidence of the project actions as well as its financial status to make sure that the project is strong and ready to enter to the wider audiences in the larger market. For example, the winner of the competition named ‘the Wayback’, a project that creates a virtual reality video for those who are living with dementia. The film is embracing valuable moments from the past of that person to spark the joyfulness that can trigger a precious conversation with their love ones. The project not only impact among individuals but also the society to aware of this connection between people and bring compassion of humanity.

Another good example is the Woodism project that creates wood-print artwork based on unique phases of an autism boy and his father. The power of love and charming moment of happiness and joy within his family can bring out a wonderful idea of wording art. The project demonstrates values of difference and beautiful moment in life that share through the formats of cards and posters made by his own design. This is an excellent example of having an idea is not enough for the successful outcome. The project has to reach the audience understanding and easy to consume.

Finally, this competition is suitable for people who might work in the creative industry or interested in the creative project on aside of their work because it provides a mentoring session during the commendation process. It is a platform that allows people to introduce themselves to industry experts and get supports from inventors who are interested.