U sit I massage is delivery massage service that innovate from U drink I drive. First of all, let me introduce the business idea. It’s called ‘U drink I drive’, a business that provides a temporary driver. When you need a driver, you have to call an operator to make a reservation by time and location. The Driver will come to you and drive your car to your home. The price consists of fixed price (from start) and distance price depending on how far the driver drives from the meeting place to the destination. The value proposition is a service in one app which allows you to find a driver and drive you home safely. This service is very popular in Bangkok because driving is a most popular transportation, especially at night. The amount of client is significantly growing in the last 3 years. The innovation is called ” U sit I massage “.

U sit I massage is a massage service that deliveries to your door. The business comes from changing on Customer segment and Value proposition. Customer Segments are a user who has a place and need massage or physical therapy. The Value proposition is One app service which you can find a massager. The key Resource is changed from Driver to Massager. The changing of the key partners are potentially effective for the business model because it sustains the business in two ways. First, the business can recruit massager from massage school and train volunteer from a local community. Second, a hospital is also an important key partner to reach the patient who needs this service.