Advertising is a bridge to connect customers and brands. My understanding of advertising usually about the storytelling upon creative communication. I have seen several types of advertising such as TV commercials, social media advertising, posters, and word of mouth. Different forms of advertising have different ways to portray the information to the customers. The process of making advertising is also worth to explore because it will give me more comprehension of how to convey the brand idea into the customer’s mind.
During the creative strategy and planning session, I have gained an understanding about the development process of advertising. It includes several steps followed by background analysis, objectives, budget planning, target audience identification, advertising strategy, identification of core message, development of the campaign, testing the campaign, implementation from the testing, monitoring and evaluation. Not only the process that we need to plan before the production but also the creative brief. The creative helps to draw the overall idea summary for the advertising creator. The brief should include media requirements, the role of communication, the target audience, consumer insights, the propositions, desired response, reason to believe, brand personality, tone of voice and executional considerations (Yeshin, 2006).
During the class, there was an assessment to create an advertising for British wine product. The product will launch on Christmas. The target market is french peoples. The country where famous wine came from. The main message is to change perception of drinker about British wine product. I finally use Santa Claus and gift as symbolic of Christmas. The gift from Santa Claus is the best present for everyone. I picked a slice of life as the moment of Santa Claus delivered a gift to the house at the countryside of France. Finally, Santa Claus gives British wine instead of french wine.